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The Bells

There are six bells in the tower at All Saints' Church Burton Dassett.

The peal was cast in 1686 by Bagleys of Chacombe and has never been re-cast. They were originally hung on an oak frame, and although the canons (the loops from  which the bells were hung) have been removed at some time, all the bells r&in the cast iron staples from which the clappers swing.

Details of the Bells

  1. 1686   4½cwt  29.75"       1215.0Hz (D+58c) 

  2. 1686   5cwt   31.00"       1070.0Hz (C+38c) 

  3. 1686   6cwt   32.875"       959.0Hz (Bb+49c) 

  4. 1686   7½cwt  35.125"       899.0Hz (A+37c) 

  5. 1686   9cwt   36.625"       814.0Hz (G+44c) 

  6. 1686   13cwt  41.75"        715.5Hz (F+42c)

Each bell bears an inscription cast in the bell around the outer rim, as a lasting testament to its maker. These inscriptions can still be seen

1.    Dominum Candcum Novum 1686(Sing to the Lord a New Song)

2.    Henry Bagley made me 1686 

3.    Fear God and Honour the King 1686

4.    Matthew made me 1686

5.    Be it known to all that seeth, that of Chacombe made me

6.    Thomas Makepeace and Robert Ledbrookj Church Wardens 1686 

The bells were re-hung in approximately 1901 on a metal frame, and up until that time they were rung from the floor of the tower, but during the course of this work a platform from which the ringing is now carried out was built. It is believed that the work was completed in order that the bells could be rung on the Coronation Day of Edward V11 (18th June 1902). In the event, the Coronation had to be postponed for six weeks, as the King had to have an operation for appendicitis!

No major work had been carried out on the bells since that date, and the metal frame was corroding causing movement resulting in the tenor bell clipping the steel frame as it was rung. To avoid damage to the bell and frame this bell was not rung for some five years. In addition, woodworm infestation on the bell made this impossible to ring, so that the peal was eventually reduced to four bells.

A major programme of repair and refurbishment  was carried out in 2005 as follows:

• the six bells were lifted off the frame and the frame dismantled* cleaned, refurbished and re-painted before reassembly.

• the 5th and 6th (tenor) bells had the old (1901) headstocks and fittings removed. New headstocks were cast and machined, new wheels and clappers made and the bells re-hung on ball bearings. The remaining four smaller bells were re-hung using their existing fittings.

This work was carried out by Eayre & Smith Ltd of Melbourne, Nr. Derby.

In addition, a restoration project to the fabric of the building, funded by English and monies raised by the restoration Committee with the support of generous parishioners, has provided new louvres to the bell tower to provide protection against the weather and lighting to the stairs for safe access.

The work to the bells cost in the region of £11,000 and was only possible by the generosity of a number of parishioners and grants received from:

Heritage Lottery Fund

  • Heritage Lottery Fund 

  • Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers e Barron Bell Trust

Sound proofing now needs to be provided between the bells and the ringing chamber.

Funds are still required to carry out additional work on the bells so that they can ring out across the hills for many more years to come.

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